IBM System x® offers x86 servers that support Microsoft® Windows®, Linux® and virtualization so your business can take advantage of the next big opportunity. IBM System x servers are intelligent systems designed to reduce costs and complexity. Keep your applications running and your budget in check with an x86 server from System x.

IBM System x advancements in scalability, reliability and performance.

With the introduction of eX5, IBM’s 5th Generation of the industry leading enterprise x86 servers, IBM engineers have redefined X by radically expanding the capabilities of x86 servers, leveraging the deep history of IBM innovation. The new eX5 servers emphasize three crucial design goals:

Maximize Memory

Competitive servers use the same processors, but only eX5 systems offer memory expansion, yielding the maximum performance for many workloads. The unique System x capability to expand memory independently of the processor has unlocked an unprecedented amount of configuration flexibility. You no longer have to add another (underused and expensive) processor simply because you need more memory for your existing apps. In fact, if your apps (or your need for virtualization) require huge quantities of memory—more than the chassis can hold, in fact—eX5 allows you to expand the chassis with an external MAX5 memory chassis, for the most memory in the industry in each of these classes of servers.

Minimize Cost

With the addition of the 2-socket System x3690 X5, System x has lowered the acquisition cost of enterprise servers, while preserving the ability to expand to much greater capabilities if and when you need to. IBM doesn’t force you to buy everything up front, as some competitive systems do. You can extend memory as you need it. And more memory means you can run more VMs per processor, which helps lower your per-processor software licensing costs. See up to 50% savings in software licensing for the same number of virtual machines (VMs) or database users or nearly twice the number of VMs (82% more) for the same license cost1.

Simplify Deployment

With single points of management and remote administration, eX5 systems are built for simpler qualification, faster deployment, and easier administration. eXFlash SSD technology allows you to drastically reduce cables and drives. IBM innovation helps set you apart from the competition. More affordable IT allows you to take cost out of IT and use those resources to fuel innovation in your own projects.