Offering High Quality System Integration

Over the past three decades, Dubai-based STME, the Middle East’s leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator, has been helping regional businesses adapt to ever-evolving technology enabling change within their organisations.

“Innovation”, said Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO of STME, “is the key to maximising the processes and applications that drive business growth within the region or anywhere else in the world.”

The Middle East’s leading solutions provider and systems integrator, STME has established strategic partnerships with a broad range of IT system manufacturers, to enable the delivery of the best-of-breed solutions of any scale or complexity. Since 1982 STME was built on a solid foundation of storage provision to provide turnkey integrated system solutions for some of the Middle East’s most important business-critical data. Acknowledged as the region’s premier end-to-end enterprise IT solutions provider, STME delivers unparalleled service through a team of highly qualified solution design specialists.

“Because of our extensive history in the IT industry, we have witnessed how the technological evolution dramatically transformed the way organisations in the Middle East operate their businesses irrespective of their size,” Al Bayaa said. “At STME, our goal has always been to help businesses achieve operational excellence by ensuring process efficiencies, so they can respond to market changes,” he noted.

With offices in the UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al Khobbar), Bahrain, Kuwait and Egypt, as well as over 120 technically qualified staff, STME is in prime position to respond to the needs of businesses region-wide. It has an existing partnership with more than 10 world-class technology vendors. Its broad experience and technological know-how has made STME the go-to company for organisations looking for solutions in: storage systems (both enterprise and modular), cloud services, SAN infrastructure, virtualisation, data protection and recovery, data availability, data management, security, high availability, disaster recovery, information life-cycle management (ILM) products, remote application delivery and server hardware.
As a result, over 400 enterprise customers across the Middle East have built their confidence on STME products and services. These companies represent the region’s key growth sectors such as finance, insurance, government, healthcare, manufacturing, media, oil and gas, telecoms, education, real estate and construction, retail, transportation, and technology.
Over the years as the company’s industry reputation became stronger, it had also received more than 20 accolades from peers and industry partners. Recently STME was granted the 2014 Top 20 System Integrators in the Middle East Award by CNME, not to mention the yearly awards from the major partners for the excellence in business.

“Aside from our cost-effective turnkey solutions, innovative technology and bespoke approach to solving our customers’ IT pain points, I believe what sets STME apart from the competition is our commitment to delivering quality products and services within our customers’ project timeline. We also provide 24/7 support – 365 days in a year – to our clients, so we can immediately solve or troubleshoot their IT problems. All STME achievements over the years are due to our great specialists, which go above and beyond in their day by day activity,” Al Bayaa added.

Source: Emirates Business